Who Are The ICHM?

The ICHM came together in 2003, a dream realised, yet only just begun, by a small group of experienced and inspired homoeopaths. As the newcomer to Irish homoeopathic education, but already members of the local community, we are privileged to enjoy local, national and international support.

We have a close relationship with our sister college, The BSH in England, and this has provided both a foundation and inspiration for our course and also access to resources that will help us grow successfully.

It is our aim and intention to use our many years teaching experience to foster a positive and nurturing culture, where students are encouraged to reach their full homoeopathic potential. Through the combination of traditional homoeopathic principles and methodology, our goal is to facilitate students to learn freely in ways appropriate to their needs and level.

We believe that our most important function is to give to the students’ knowledge, skill and confidence in homoeopathic principles so that they will be able to help all types of patients and complaints.

What else might you need to know as a potential student about the ICHM?

Well, the first thing is that the staff really care. They make sure they know who you are and are happy to talk to you. They don’t disappear into some ivory tower when they are not teaching, but are always around – having lunch or coffee with individuals or groups or doing tutorials. We even have a Student Liaison Officer who is employed by the School specifically to listen to, and help, the students and report back to the Management Team.

Cool BottlesThe ICHM honours diversity by acknowledging that students come from differing backgrounds and with differing levels of academic knowledge and practical life experience, and thus need different types and degrees of assistance.

Those who do not have an academic background are encouraged to use their own experiences to support and develop their work and also to help those who have less experience in practical matters. Those who do have an academic background will be helped to concentrate on their practical skills and can also assist their fellow students in the more academic aspects of study.

Being a student of homoeopathy is an exercise in co-operation and personal development that mirrors the partnerships we will have with our patients in our practices. We believe that everyone who cares brings value to homoeopathy we have developed systems that get the best out of everyone who has the necessary commitment and professional attitude.

The ICHM emphasises the right, indeed the NEED, for students to doubt, challenge and question their tutors about homoeopathy. As the Principal says, “if we can’t justify it to you then we are not clear enough about it ourselves”. This is just one example of the open and mutually respectful nature of the staff/student interaction at the ICHM that we believe is one of the great benefits of studying with us.

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