ICHM – Devoted Solely to the Training of Homoeopaths


The ICHM is devoted solely to the training of homoeopaths. Our graduation criteria surpass the entry requirements of both the Irish Society of Homeopaths and all the main registering bodies for homoeopaths in England.

Homeopathic Desk Medicine & BooksWe work in partnership with The Irish Society of Homeopaths to make our course as good as it can possibly be and we are working with them towards the swift accreditation of our part-time professional homoeopathy course.

We at The Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine are dedicated to training and graduating highly qualified and motivated professional homoeopaths who have the necessary skills to help secure improved health for all their patients, and financial success for themselves by the ethical use of their learned skills and knowledge.

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The School operates a small library. Students may borrow any book or books from the stock and may hold that book for study as long as they need it or until another student requests it. New Library books are purchased several times a year.

There is a 20-euro charge for joining the scheme to cover the cost of any books that might be damaged or lost. If no books are damaged or lost this 20-euro will be refunded when the student graduates.

Book sales

The School has an arrangement with a specialist homoeopathy bookseller who attends frequently at our weekend seminars to sell and exhibit homoeopathic and other relevant publications.

Social Activities

Social contact between students and with staff is desirable but difficult on a part time course.
School supported events are:

  • Monthly meeting between staff and students at a local hostelry close to the University campus
  • Christmas party organised by student entertainment committee
  • End of year picnic.

Lectures and Seminars – Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The continued development of feedback between staff and students seems to be encouraging reflection and action.

At ICHM we continue to support our students after they graduate. We recognise that new homoeopaths and indeed those that have been in practise for many years, need to continue their homoeopathic learning and personal development. Our Principal and Core Team are available for advice, supervision and support to all Graduates that request it. All Graduates are kept in touch with latest ICHM developments through regular e-mails, newsletters, our website and the post.

We run a series of CPD events during the year, ranging from peer supervision to workshops, lectures and special seminars. The program is not cast in stone and we consult with Graduates to identify what their CPD needs are.

Recent CPD events have included:

  • Cases workshop with Miranda Castro
  • Cancer Seminar with Ann Saunders
  • Men’s Health workshop & Peer supervision with Mo Morrish
  • Alternative Prescribing Methods Lecture with Anthony Bickley
  • Acute Illness, it’s principles & management Seminar with Dr F Master

Communication & Professional Development



The ICHM is well known for its open, easy and friendly communication channels.

Most staff and students have access to the internet, which allows easy dissemination of information and swift responses to questions/queries.

There is also a student website with student documents available to download, and various year groups have set up e-mail groups between themselves.

Twice a year staff and students are issued with updated address, telephone and e-mail lists of all staff/students and graduates at the college. This list is confidential to student members and staff of the ICHM.

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Where are We?


As from September 2006 the ICHM will be moving to the wonderful facilities of the Nursing building at the Tralee Institute of Technology.

Collis-Sandes House, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Collis-Sandes House is located in six hectares of mature wooded grounds. It is a ten-minute walk from the train station (or a €5.00 taxi ride) and has its own private car park and accommodation facilities.

If you want to stay at Collis-Sandes House, they have a hostel facility that you can book: + 353 1 66 7128 658; By Email on colsands@indigo.ie or on its on-line booking web site www.colsands.com .

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Who Are The ICHM?

The ICHM came together in 2003, a dream realised, yet only just begun, by a small group of experienced and inspired homoeopaths. As the newcomer to Irish homoeopathic education, but already members of the local community, we are privileged to enjoy local, national and international support.

We have a close relationship with our sister college, The BSH in England, and this has provided both a foundation and inspiration for our course and also access to resources that will help us grow successfully.

It is our aim and intention to use our many years teaching experience to foster a positive and nurturing culture, where students are encouraged to reach their full homoeopathic potential. Through the combination of traditional homoeopathic principles and methodology, our goal is to facilitate students to learn freely in ways appropriate to their needs and level.

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