Requirements, Qualifications and Graduation

Entry Requirements

The minimum educational requirement for entry on to the course for school leavers is Leaving Certificate with minimum requirement of grade ‘c’ or better on three higher level subjects or the equivalent. This requirement is waived for students over the age of 25 but they will need to convince the College of their ability to apply themselves to consistent study and hard work to the level of a first university degree.

Applicants must have an inquiring mind and be interested in people and the world in which we live. They must be respectful of individuality and diversity and be able to show themselves as far as possible free of any form of prejudice. Applicants should be comfortable with people on a one-to-one basis and non-confrontational in their behaviour.

The best homoeopaths are those who find it easy to relate to a wide variety of patients and who are themselves easy to be with. Personal skills are almost as important in homoeopathy as the ability to understand the therapy and so if you match the personal criteria you should be able to learn the academic principles on which homoeopaths work.

There is no fixed age limit for entry.

Given the nature of the teaching at the ICHM, with its emphasis on continuous assessment and the reflective practitioner and the degree of backup in the form of extra curricular tutorials, the assessment interview is designed primarily to identify those obviously unsuitable.

The other criterion applied to applicants is an assessment of the degree of support they would require if they were a student of the ICHM, and if the ICHM would be able to match this requirement, when considered in association with the students own support network.


After successful completion of all elements of assessment in the first three years, the student will receive a probationary licence to commence a clinical practice under supervision, as a Student Clinician, subject to obtaining the relevant insurance. After successful completion of the period of supervised clinical practise, project and assessment work, the student will be graduated from the school as a Licentiate of the Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine.


In order to graduate as a licentiate of the Irish College of Homeopathic Medicine, the student must have fulfilled all of the graduation criteria as listed in the Student Handbook.

The headings of these criteria are:

• Case taking
• Case management
• Case analysis
• Materia Medica
• Principles of Homoeopathy
• Clinical Medicine
• Ethics
• Professional development
• Practice administration and development
• Reflection

The student must also have completed a portfolio for presentation and have completed a minimum of 60 supervised appointments that have been assessed by their supervisor and Principal as having been of a high enough quality to pass.

Students can graduate as soon after the end of year 4 as they have fulfilled the necessary graduation criteria.

The ICHM graduate is eligible for entry onto the register with the Irish Society of Homeopaths, CPD route and to apply for registration to the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths and the Homoeopathic Medical Association.

Once qualified you will be allow to let patients buy melatonin from a pharmacy. The Administrator can put you into contact with any of these bodies. We recommend that students become members of a professional body as early as possible to familiarise themselves with the profession as a whole before they enter it.

Students will need to be an insured member of one or other of these professional bodies before they will be allowed to enter supervision.

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