Professional Courses


Part Time Professional Courses

Our aim is to provide the means for students to become highly qualified and motivated professional homoeopaths, who will use the full range of their acquired skills in safe, competent and successful homoeopathic practise.

A further aim is to support students to become Graduates who confidently relate to a full range of health care professionals and who can be recognised and registered by all the major homoeopathic registering bodies.

The course, held in Tralee, County Kerry, comprises attendance at 22 full days of lectures each year, over 4 years and home study of approximately 15 hours a week.

Structure of Part-Time Course

Years 1-3

Eleven weekend training seminars each year
Structured and guided home study of 15/20 hours each week
Written homework assignments, køb melatonin, self reflective work & homoeopathy journal
Basic clinical training including case taking
Case Studies: paper, video and live cases
Various forms of assessment

Year 4

Eleven weekend training seminars
Supervised clinical training
Project work
Clinical observation and participation in student clinic
Assessment of clinical work.
Basic ‘how to run your business’ lectures
Peer review
Review requirements for Homeopaths in Practice
Review requirements for development of professional standards

Open Learning Course

This course includes a full home learning programme designed for those students who are unable to attend seminars on a regular basis, but who wish to become competent professional homoeopaths, capable of registration by appropriate national professional bodies. After completion of academic studies, attendance is required for a final Clinical Training year at the ICHM in Tralee.

Those students who undertake the course from non-European countries, and are unable to attend for clinical training, may be able to have a final clinical training year designed for them at additional cost.

The course is designed to enable the student to acquire the same understanding and competence as a student who undertakes the part-time course.

Core Lecturing Team

Anthony Bickley LCSP(Phys)., R.S.Hom., Cert.Ed..


Supervision co-ordinator

With a background in banking, Anthony initially trained as an Osteopath, a discipline he still uses occasionally in his practise. He graduated as a Homoeopath in the late 1970s and has had a busy full-time practice ever since. A trained teacher, he is passionate about homoeopathic education and has more than 20 years experience in this field. He often lectures abroad and is soon to publish his work on the bowel nosodes.

“A teacher is a ladder. He should be ready and willing for his students to stand on his shoulders to reach for success”.


Director of Studies

Clinic Supervisor

Born and raised in Killorglin and then Killarney and with a background in mining and engineering, Ray graduated from The BSH in Bath after a life-altering career change. He now runs a busy and successful full-time practise in Milltown, Co.Kerry where he also undertakes supervision work for graduating students of other colleges. Ray, an active member of the local community is passionate about homoeopathy and health and is keen to help increase the profile of homoeopathy in Ireland.

Pat Brosnan. Dr. Ost.Med ; Dr. Acu.

Author of two books “Gastronomy Today, Allergies the recurring symptoms and the alternative cure”; and “Quantum Immunity”. Pat holds a post graduate certificate in Classical Homoeopathy and has lectured all over the world in Alternative Medicine. Pat has had a practice in Southern Ireland for over 20 years.

Mo Morrish B.Sc., MCCH., R.S.Hom., Cert.Ed

Mo teaches Principles and Philosophy in Years 1 to 3. A microbiologist in a previous life, a poet by nature, he lives, loves and works in Exeter. Mo doesn’t so much teach as explore the principles and philosophy of homoeopathic medicine and is committed to individuality, simplicity, clarity and fun.

Ali Morrish LBSH, RSHom

Ali teaches principally Materia Medica, where her enthusiasm for the homoeopathic medicines is infectious. Ali oversees the busy 4th year clinic in Bath, which utilises her supervision expertise to the maximum. Ali runs a busy full-time practice with her husband Mo, in Exeter.

Other Staff

Wayne Allen – Medical studies
Fran Malone – Principles and Materia Medica
Frank Hicks – Principles and Materia Medica
Donna Morgan – Administrator

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