Communication & Professional Development



The ICHM is well known for its open, easy and friendly communication channels.

Most staff and students have access to the internet, which allows easy dissemination of information and swift responses to questions/queries.

There is also a student website with student documents available to download, and various year groups have set up e-mail groups between themselves.

Twice a year staff and students are issued with updated address, telephone and e-mail lists of all staff/students and graduates at the college. This list is confidential to student members and staff of the ICHM.

The college newsletter, Sólás and Student Rep meetings are also used as a means of communication as are the frequent chats over cups of coffee, tea and barleycup in the tea room.

Professional Development

At the ICHM we will continue to support our students after they graduate.

We recognise that new homoeopaths and indeed those that have been in practise for many years, need to continue their homoeopathic learning and personal development.

Our Principal and Core Team are available for advice, supervision and support to all Graduates that request it.

All Graduates will be kept in touch with latest ICHM developments through regular e-mails, newsletters, our website and the post.

We are also happy to give advice and assistance where needed on research projects, media interview techniques and other professional areas.

As with the BSH, our sister college, the ICHM will run CPD events during the year, ranging from peer supervision to workshops, lectures to special seminars.

The program is not cast in stone and we consult with Graduates to identify what their CPD needs are.

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