Professional Courses


Part Time Professional Courses

Our aim is to provide the means for students to become highly qualified and motivated professional homoeopaths, who will use the full range of their acquired skills in safe, competent and successful homoeopathic practise.

A further aim is to support students to become Graduates who confidently relate to a full range of health care professionals and who can be recognised and registered by all the major homoeopathic registering bodies.

The course, held in Tralee, County Kerry, comprises attendance at 22 full days of lectures each year, over 4 years and home study of approximately 15 hours a week.

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Where are We?


As from September 2006 the ICHM will be moving to the wonderful facilities of the Nursing building at the Tralee Institute of Technology.

Collis-Sandes House, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Collis-Sandes House is located in six hectares of mature wooded grounds. It is a ten-minute walk from the train station (or a €5.00 taxi ride) and has its own private car park and accommodation facilities.

If you want to stay at Collis-Sandes House, they have a hostel facility that you can book: + 353 1 66 7128 658; By Email on or on its on-line booking web site .

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Who Are The ICHM?

The ICHM came together in 2003, a dream realised, yet only just begun, by a small group of experienced and inspired homoeopaths. As the newcomer to Irish homoeopathic education, but already members of the local community, we are privileged to enjoy local, national and international support.

We have a close relationship with our sister college, The BSH in England, and this has provided both a foundation and inspiration for our course and also access to resources that will help us grow successfully.

It is our aim and intention to use our many years teaching experience to foster a positive and nurturing culture, where students are encouraged to reach their full homoeopathic potential. Through the combination of traditional homoeopathic principles and methodology, our goal is to facilitate students to learn freely in ways appropriate to their needs and level.

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