Begin Treating Facebook like a Paid Ad Platform

Right from the last year, Facebook brought in substantial changes in the news-feed postings’ algorithm. Many non-profit organizations have seen a decline in their marketing.  Attention to the adjustments in Facebook’s algorithm is important to maximize the probability of reaching the huge addresses on Facebook and to make the non-profit Facebook Social Media tactic successful.

Non-profit organizations that target Facebook as their mode of marketing fail to realize the considerable changes that have turned out in the Facebook’s algorithm.

In 2012, Facebook was declared as an open business corporation and was delegated the responsibility of making a profit. Facebook is creating the most attention-grabbing flow of content possibly personalized for each of its 2.7 billion users. This was the deep concern of many businessmen and also the shareholders who were worried about the share amount right from the time when the algorithm of Facebook’s news-feed changed.


Facebook had made some modifications, especially to the Facebook mobile applications, giving preference to the links and the content. As a result of these changes, the visibility of link-based posts marked an increase and the text-only updates a decrease. Also, the non-profit organizations organic reach which were 15% once has come down lesser than 5%.

What made the Facebook turn down the Organic Reach?

There are two main reasons for the Facebook’s intention behind the decline in organic reach. Firstly, there is too much content being published on Facebook and secondly, the publishing of irrelevant contents on the news-feed. As a consequence of this, Facebook has made it a must to pay in order to get people view your page.

These non-profit organizations work harder to capture their audience’s concentration. Getting new Facebook likes is great, but assuring that your new followers really notice your posts is a different chronicle.

Here are some ways in which a non-profit organization could get better in their Facebook reach:

  • All the information on the social media does not reach the audience only on liking the page. So make sure you gather the email addresses of your audience to keep them posted of your activity. Professional ethic is that a business page owner can reach the supporter through email only when being subscribed for. So make sure you let them know of the subscription policies and the updates on subscriptions.
  • Make sure the content is quite impressive. Design the content such that it fits in both a computer and a mobile’s configuration. Mobile has outsmarted everything else. People have started accessing Facebook on mobile. So make sure the content is readable on a mobile device. Flurry Analytics study estimated last year that the volume of people who access Facebook via mobile phones was 18%.
  • Boost the page views by publishing a lot of relevant pictures. Pictures make an impression within the minds of people easily and quickly too. Ensure that your pictures are clear enough on all the possible devices through which Facebook is accessed. To make this effective, Facebook bought Instagram in the year 2012 to enhance the quality of the pictures that gets published.
  • Facebook is more accessed on weekends. So, schedule to post the most informative and impressive contents on weekends so that they get shared quickly.
  • Insights analytic page gives information on the performance of the content and also the page. Analysis of this data can help understand which content is effective and which is not. This could help in dumping the contents which are not going to be successful.

Facebook’s objectives have become noticeably better over the past few years. Many organizations have been benefited through Facebook marketing. Consider on paying Facebook to boost your page and the posts that you publish. Pay to reach your ideal persona based on interests, demographics, and more. Moreover, there are a group of tools and features that help you make the most.

Facebook is the largest social media and so understanding the modifications done to the news-feed algorithm is important to keep the business established in the minds of billions. So do not look for the payment but just invest like you do in any other type of advertising. Your successful campaign is not far from the reach!

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